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Traffic Management

Satellite Navigation

We understand that in today’s global marketplace productivity is crucial to the success of all business’ so our vehicle fleet is fitted with and uses the Vehicle Management Information (VMI) Satellite Navigation System. We have found this to be a formidable tool that enhances our flexibility and helps drive down ever increasing costs whilst increasing the value of our service for the benefit of our customers.

How does it work?

At the heart of the system is a Data Collection Unit (DCU) that continually monitors and records the vehicle’s position, speed and distance travelled anywhere in the world using GPS.

The control and command centre consists of a small base station, aerial and PC which receives information from the DCUs and allows us to perform a variety of functions. We are able to track vehicles in real time and view past journey information to help plan work schedules and routes.

The live tracking facility gives us the precise location, status, direction and speed of our vehicles within seconds. This means that we can give up to date progress reports and keep our customers informed of estimated arrival times.

The advanced mapping software allows us to zoom right in to see both major and local roads right down to street level mapping.

A playback system provides a visual representation on detailed maps of where our vehicles have been, the routes they have taken, where they stopped and for how long.

The VMI system offers us a wide choice of reports that are easy to use and provide us with essential management information which helps us monitor vehicle activity and performance which results in us being able to constantly improve our service for the benefit of our customers.

The extensive mapping capabilities we have at hand allow us to plan the most efficent routes whether it be a simple A to B journey or a round trip. This means we are able to give accurate arrival times for each location.

Taking the most efficent routes save us time and money by reducing fuel expenditure and increasing productivity that ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction.

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